Soil Analysis & Soil Sampling

Soil Analysis

One of the most important factors in vegetable production is the quality, fertility and condition of the soil.

A soil analysis gives information on the quality, fertility and health of the soil.

Based on the analysis the right actions can be taken to keep and/or bring the soil into top condition, meaning well balanced and healthy.

A well-balanced, fertile and healthy soil with good structure, good biological, chemical and physical properties is a prerequisite to achieve maximal yields and best quality produce.

We are proud to be your exclusive contact in Nigeria to the Kinsey-Albrecht soil analysis method. A method that has as objective to bring your soil in top condition and when in top condition to secure it stays in top condition.

The Kinsey-Albrecht method is a sustainable method, using only the fertilizers the soil and crops need.

When starting with this method it may seem that it is expensive but finally you will discover you will use less fertilizers than when fertilization is based on traditional soil analysis.

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Soil Sampling

To obtain the best and reliable results from the soil analysis it is extremely important to take soil sample properly.

How to do this can be found in our information leaflet Soil Sampling which you can find here.