Latin name: 
Citrullus lanatus L.
Variety Tested under # Matu rity Plant type Fruits Disease resistance Remarks
Shape Size (cm) Ave rage fruit weight (Kg) Rind Flesh
Sugar Baby TT-0188 Very early Compact, good cover Round 20 3 - 5 Dark green with distinct veins; tough Bright red, finely grained, sweet texture - Good productivity, Very early standard variety, good shipper
Kaolac TT-0257 Early Medium strong vigour, good cover Nearly round 25 x 20 6 - 8 Light grey green with darker stripes Dark pink Tolerance to Anthracnose Most popular variety in Nigeria. Tolerance to Anthracnose
Charleston Grey TT-0269 Early Strong vigour, good cover Oblong 60 x 25 11-12 Light green with darker stripes Bright red; smooth; firm and sweet Tolerance to Anthracnose and Fusarium Standard variety. Excellent shipper

Legend & Disclaimer

Scientific name
Colletotrichum orbiculare
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum
English name
Fusarium wilt


In cases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen.
We have exercised the utmost care compiling these variety descriptions. For the Nigerian market we made some adjustments in the original descriptions from our suppliers based on results in our trials at Kano. For all details on varieties listed, including latest information on resistances, please refer to the websites of our suppliers Enza Zaden (www.enzazaden.com) and Pop Vriend Zaden (www.popvriendseeds.com).