Latin name: 
Daucus carota L.
Variety Tested under # Maturity Plant type Heads Disease resistance Remarks
Shape Length (cm) Color
Kuroda TT-0163 Mid late Very uniform plants with strong tops Tapered to the point 19 Deep orange Tolerant to leaf blight (Alternaria dauci) Good heat tolerance
Nantes 3 TT-0164 Mid early Very uniform plants with medium-strong tops Cylindrical and straight with rounded tip 17 - 20 Orange - Very uniform selection. Small core.

Legend & Disclaimer

In cases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen.
We have exercised the utmost care compiling these variety descriptions. For the Nigerian market we made some adjustments in the original descriptions from our suppliers based on results in our trials at Kano. For all details on varieties listed, including latest information on resistances, please refer to the websites of our suppliers Enza Zaden ( and Pop Vriend Zaden (