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Your success is our success, we care about your success.

To help you the best way possible we keep continuous track of new developments and innovations in farming, production, post-harvest technologies and methods as well in new products and materials that can assist you to achieve easier, better and more reliable production that results in quality yields and higher income. All products and materials, be it seeds, growing media, biological systems, fertilizers, equipment and so on, that in line with local market developments and that we think may be of interest to the Nigerian farmers, are first tested by ourselves on our trial grounds. Only when proven to be suitable for use in Nigeria and to be of added value to our customers we add new products to our product range and assortment. Next to this we scout for, develop and improve services such as soil analysis, sourcing of (used) equipment and spare parts.
On request we can support you with tailor made training programs for your management and staff or even with integrated crop solutions to support farmers from beginning to end to achieve optimum yields and quality.

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