Premium Potting Soil

Tomato young plant_Rooting in potting soil Afri Agri Products Ltd

Premium potting soil is a multipurpose growing medium mixture of Baltic Garden Peat, Sphagnum Peat and contains nutrients. The special mix ensures that the aeration of the soil is optimized and promotes root development. Fertilizers, including trace elements, have been added to the potting soil, therefore no extra fertilizer applications are needed to produce young seedling plants in trays or bags.


A 40L bag of Afri Agri premium potting soil fills 10 seedling trays of 104 holes with 4cm ø. The product is suitable for raising seedlings by only applying clean water. Errors in wrong applications are avoided with this method of error free raising of seedlings. Potting soil has a good water holding capacity compared to regular black soil and is free from pests and diseases. Potting soil is easy to use especially for farmers which are newly introduced to more modern technology.


Potting soil is ready to use direct from the bag. Once bags are opened and not entirely used it is advised to tie back the remaining quantity. Potting soil is also ideal for young trees, and potted flowers and home vegetable gardening. Good sealing of the bag and storage out of direct sunlight is essential!

Afri Agri Premium Potting Soil is imported from The Netherlands and packed in bags of 40 L and 70 L.


When growing plants in pots the fertilizer release may be sufficient up to 3 – 6 months depending on growing conditions.

Potting soil Afri Agri Products Ltd

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