Corona update

The whole world is dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, which is severely affecting our daily lives.


The main concern in this situation is to stay safe and healthy. But regular business in many industries is also heavily impacted. This will last for some time to come and we need to work closely together to get through this period.

Health and safety first


To protect our employees and facilities and our external business partners, we have taken numerous internal measures, following the advice of national and global health organisations and authorities. All possible hygienic measures have been taken; the vast majority of our staff are working from home and no visitors are allowed at our stations. Orders can be collected on appointment and need to be pre-ordered by e-mail, on phone or WhatsApp. Customer appointments have been cancelled or are taking place by mail, phone, Skype WhatsApp. Field visits are being done on an individual basis. We will do our utmost to ensure that anyone connected with Afri Agri Products Ltd. is optimally protected against infection.


We are committed to ensuring consumers have continuous access to healthy vegetables, particularly in these exceptional times. Our horticultural supply business is at the beginning of the food supply chain. No vegetable seed means no vegetables production. To secure continuity of distribution of Enza zaden and Pop Vriend seeds in Nigeria, we have implemented extra safety protocols. We hope the Nigerian government will recognize our role in the food supply chain and will allow us to provide seeds and other essential supplies to farmers where circumstances permit during the period of full lockdown. We take this role seriously!


Do you need any support? 

Our local sales teams and customer services are in close contact with our customers to ensure continuity of their businesses. If you need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our representatives. If we can help you at this difficult time, you can count on us to do so. There will be better times ahead in the near future! In the meantime, we will keep you posted via our websites and social platforms. 

Please take good care of yourselves, your families and people who need your support at this difficult time.