Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire Nigeria’s horticultural sector by delivering accessible & affordable high quality inputs and service.

Every day at Afri Agri Products we work very hard to ensure our customers achieve their ambitions. Our slogan “Our Quality, Our Service, Your Profit” hereby not only talks about the Quality of our products but also about the Quality of our service. We believe that our success depends on our customer’s success. We all know that horticulture farming in Nigeria can face many challenges. Together with our suppliers and partners from the Netherlands, we can provide our customers with an extensive network of world-class specialists and laboratory facilities that can provide our customers with a customised practical solution.

Aside from quality, we also believe in consistent availability. The current infrastructure in Nigeria poses distribution challenges for everyone. By closely working together with a network of local distributors, even our smallest customers in rural areas have access to high quality inputs, such as vegetable seeds, potting soil, coco peat, biological systems, fertilizers and so on, at competitive prices. All to ensure that the end-user of the product can enjoy the quality we stand for.

Training in trellising Afri Agri Products Ltd
Training in trellising tomato plants
Nigerian_Netherlands flags Afri Agri Products Ltd
Afri Agri Products Ltd. proudly supplies and supports Nigerian horticulture

Our Vision

To transform the horticultural sector of Nigeria into a self-sustaining market that can improve the life quality of Nigerians.

At Afri Agri Products, we believe that the future of Nigeria lies in diversifying its economy and reducing the country’s heavy dependence on oil. We support this vision by continuously stimulating the horticultural sector. Compared to other countries, Nigeria still suffers with a lack of technical knowledge in the industry. We therefore assist our distributors and farmers continuously by organising seminars, workshops,  lectures, discuss best practices and perform on-farm consultations from both national and international specialists. We hope that with these practices Nigeria can eventually become self-sustaining nation and a competitive player on the international vegetable and food market.