Hans Crombach Afri Agri Products Ltd

Managing Director

Hans Crombach

Having studied agriculture, Hans always knew that he wanted a career in agriculture. His first experience was working on his uncle’s farm in the Netherlands. He later came to Nigeria in 1987 and eventually decided to set up Afri Agri Products Limited where he currently still acts as Managing Director. Hans mainly focuses on managerial matters within the company. Sitting in the office the whole day is not his thing and Hans can therefore often be found in the warehouse overseeing all activities. At work, Hans is often known for his constant energy and has passion for the company and its people. Aside from work, Hans also enjoys cycling in the Netherlands and has a keen interest in history.

Office Manager

Monique Crombach

Monique has an endless passion for agriculture and Nigeria. She is often called the mother of Afri Agri and cares about everyone in her own special way. She Loves cooking with quality vegetables and is therefore devoted to improve Nigeria’s vegetable production to compete with imported vegetables. She is always on the lookout for new agricultural opportunities in Nigeria. Besides cooking, Monique loves nature, walking and cycling.

Monique Crombach Afri Agri Products Ltd
Fina Anozie Afri Agri Products Ltd

Financial Controller

Fina Anozie

Fina has been with the company from the onset and has always been responsible for the finance & accounts department. He mainly directs treasury, human resources, tax and legal matters. In the office, Fina is known to be a passionate story teller and a great listener, often doubling as the company’s counsellor. Aside from work, Fina enjoys watching late night boxing matches and taking his family out.

Regional Sales Manager

Umar Idris

Umar Idris, has been with our company since 2003, rising through the ranks and fulfilling numerous Commercial roles. He currently oversees all business operations in Northern Nigeria from our Kano Office, thanks to his extensive experience in Sales and Marketing. Umar is a highly motivated and passion-driven individual.


Umar Idris Afri Agri Products Ltd
Anthony Ankrah Afri Agri Products Ltd

Logistics Manager

Anthony Ankrah

Ankrah has been working with our Managing Director long before Afri Agri Products was established. Hereby he always excelled in operational and logistic positions. Currently Ankrah manages everything related to transport. Clearing goods at the port to ensuring our customers get their inputs in time. In the office, Ankrah is often known as the skilled Ghanaian who always knows his way in Lagos traffic. Aside from work, Ankrah is also a proud member of his church where he devotedly serves as an Elder.


Sales Agronomist

Gabriel Chisom Okeke

Gabriel Okeke holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Science and Biotechnology from Imo State University, Owerri. He joined our company in 2018. He is responsible for coordinating sales effort with other team members from our Lagos Head Office. Gabriel also proffers product support and agronomic solutions to the myriad issues encountered by vegetable farmers on their fields. He enjoys seeing new places and meeting new people.

Gabriel Okeke Afri Agri Products Ltd.
Peter Yohanna Afri Agri Products Ltd

Sales Agronomist

Peter Yohanna

Prior to joining our company in 2018, Peter Yohanna worked as an Agronomist at DivineReward Solutions. He is permanently based in Abuja but covers other vegetable producing states in North-central Nigeria. Peter enjoys field visits and providing after-sales support to Farmers. He speaks fluent Hausa and is very passionate about his job. Peter is also known as Mr. P.

Kano Operations

Daniel Alegbe

Daniel started with Afri Agri in 2022 and our latest member of staff. He is managing the trial field in Kano. Daniel was with Seeds for Change project and thereafter joined Afri Agri Products.

Daniel Alegbe Afri Agri Products Ltd