Potting Soil

Premium potting soil


Afri Agri Premium Potting Soil is imported from The Netherlands.


Premium potting soil comes in bags of 40 L.


Premium potting soil is a multipurpose growing medium and ideal to grow

·       young plants in trays or bags

·       vegetables, fruits and flowers in pots or buckets


The potting soil is a special mix of peat mosses, coconut barn, perlite and vermiculite.

The special mix ensures that the aeration of the soil is optimized and promotes root development.


Fertilizers, including trace elements have been added to the potting soil, therefore no extra fertilizer applications are needed for the production of young plants in trays or bags.

When growing plants in pots the fertilizer release may be sufficient up to 3 - 6 months depending growing conditions.


A 40L bag of Afri Agri premium potting soil fills 10 seedling trays of 104 holes.