Regular and sufficient irrigation is important to obtain maximum yields and quality.

When good quality water is available a properly installed irrigation system allows the farmer to grow crops year round and thus boost the farmers income.

The irrigation method applied has a massive impact on yield and quality.  

•      Yields under irrigated conditions double those under rain fed conditions.

The method of irrigation also affects fertilizer efficiency:

·     Fertilizer use with drip and spray-tube irrigation is twice as efficient compared to use with furrow irrigation.


Advantages of drip irrigation:

•      No wet leaves, thus less risk of fungal and bacterial diseases

•      Possibility to apply fertilizer and agro-chemicals with irrigation.

•      Possibility to automize.

•      Less labor intensive.

•      Less water used.

•      Ideal system for vegetable crops like tomato, pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, etc.

•      Also very suitable for citrus and fruit trees like banana and mango.


Advantages of spray-tube irrigation:

•      Low investment compared to drip irrigation and other overhead irrigation systems.

•      In tall crops like maize, sunflower, sorghum, etc., only the lower part of the plants will become wet, thus less risk for fungal and bacterial diseases.

•      Ideal system to irrigate crops like carrot, beetroot, onion, rice, sweetcorn, maize, cash crops, etc.

•      Also suitable for tree crops like plantain and banana.

•      Less water used.

•      Possibility to apply fertilizer and agro-chemicals with irrigation.


Afri Agri Products Ltd. imports affordable, easy to assemble and install drip and spray-tube irrigation systems from San Fu, Taiwan.

When an overhead water reservoir is installed these systems can work on gravity flow.

These systems can be used in all vegetable crops but also in fruit tree crops and field crops like, maize, rice, sorghum, millet, and other cash crops.


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Individual parts:

Drip Irrigation system - Individual parts

Code Part Description


D-701-2 Drip line / tube ⅜” (16 mm) - 1.000 m - emitter spacing 30 cm 2-3 Ltr./hr.
D-701-4 Drip line / tube ⅜” (16 mm) - 1.000 m - emitter spacing 50 cm 4-5 Ltr./hr.
D-716 Gate valve ⅜” (16 mm) non threaded  
D-717 End cap ⅜” (16 mm) PE  
D-719 Air discharge valve Valve ⅜” (16 mm) PE  


Spray tube system - Individual parts
Code Part Description Flow
H.Y A2-1 Spray tube 3-Laser holes 45-60 Ltr./min.
H.Y B1-2 Spray tube 3-Punch holes 30-45 Ltr./min.
H.Y BL1-1 Spray tube 2-Punch holes 30-45 Ltr./min.
S303-2 Tap 1” (32 mm) with rubber for fitting  
SV-1 Tap ¾” (25 mm) with rubber for fitting  
S307 End clip ¾” (25 mm) PE  


General parts
Code Part Description
D711-S Water filter Micron Screen Filter 2”
D711-D Water filter Micron Plate Filter 2”
S318 Water filter 3” or 75 mm main supply pipe
D730 Venturi Fertilizer injector set
S317 Air discharge valve Valve ¾” (25 mm)