Coco Peat

We supply coco peat in the form of compressed blocks consisting of 100% washed and buffered coco peat sold per Kg.

Coco peat is an ideal growing medium for production of young plants.

One block of coco peat is sufficient to fill 13 of our 104 holes sowing trays.

Coco peat is made of coco pith that is produced from the husk that grows around the hard coconut. The husk contains both fibers and fine materials. By separating most of the fibers from the fine materials, the so-called coco pith, is collected.

The popularity of coco peat is based on the remarkable good characteristics: 

·      Excellent water - air ratio

·      Natural high air-porosity

·      Absorbs water easily

·      Stable material

·      100% organic material

·      Easy in handling 

·      Can be transported in compressed form

·      Is a growing medium with proven experience 

The coco peat we supply has been aged, washed and buffered. 


·      Aging

o   To guarantee the stability of the cocopeat the coco pith has been aged before further treatment. Aging is done to avoid problems with breaking down of the coco pith and to improve the stability and reliability of your growing medium. 

·      Washing

o   To avoid surprises with high EC’s, the EC is washed down to less than 1,0 mS/cm in 1:1,5 dilution. 

·      Buffering

o   Because coco pith has a negatively charged complex, there are positively charged ions primarily consisting of sodium and potassium on this complex.
This doesn’t cause many problems to start with, because these elements are locked in the complex and therefore not available to the plant root. 

When fertilizing with calcium or magnesium, the calcium will take the place of the sodium and potassium in the complex and make these available to the plant root.

To prevent from this highly unwanted situation the coco pith is buffered. During this process the ions are exchanged and the excess of sodium and potassium are washed out.