Coco Peat

The popularity of cocoo peat is based on its remarkable goor characteristics.

  • Excellent water – air ratio
  • Natural high air porosity
  • Absorbs water easily
  • Stable material
  • 100% organic material
  • Very suitable for Organic farming
  • Easy in handling
  • Is a growing medium with proven experience internationally
  • Can be transported in compressed form

Plant propagation in coco peat Afri Agri Products Ltd

Our coco peat is sold as compressed blocks consisting of 100% aged, washed and buffered coco peat. We sell coco peat in Kg . The average weight of one block is 5 Kg and fills 13 seedling trays of 104 holes with 4 cm ∅.

Coco peat is an ideal growing medium for production of young plants.

Coco peat is made of coco pith that is produced from the husk that grows around the hard coconut. The husk contains both fibers and fine materials. By separating most of the fibers from the fine materials, the so-called coco pith, is collected.

Blocks should never be dipped into water but irrigated by a dripping tap, watering can or irrigation, to slowly expand in volume. With this method optimum results are achieved. Farmers need to add fertilizers to this product, it is therefore more used by the Professional farmer who knows the nutrient requirement of his crop.

Coco peat Afri Agri Products Ltd
Parameters Values
Block weight 5 Kg (on average)
Size in cm 28 x 28 14 (+/- 1 cm)
Electrical Conductivity (EC) < 1.0 ms/cm
pH 6 – 7
Expension Volume 70 – 75 litres
Fibre Content < 2%
Compression Ratio 5 : 1
Sieve Mesh 6 mm

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