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Latin name: Brassica oleracea L.


Variety Tested under # Maturity Plant type Shape Heads Disease resistance Remarks
Diameter (cm) Weight (kg) Color HR IR
King of King’s Cross F1 TT-0169 Very early (55 – 65 days) Large frame, strong wrapper leaves Semi flat 18 – 22 1,5 – 2 Blue-green Xcc Good heat tolerance. Performs well year-round, both in dry and wet season. Reliable producer that transports and stores well.
PW1481 TT-0358 Mid early (60 – 70 days) Large frame with strong wrapper leaves Round 22 – 22 2 – 2,5 Fresh green Foc; Xcc Vigorous plant producing high quality heads with nice wrapper leaves. Transports and stores well.
PW1482 TT-0359 Mid late (75 – 80 days) Large frame with strong wrapper leaves Round 17 -17 2 – 2,5 Deep green Foc; Xcc Deep green vigorous plants with strong wrapper leaves. High quality heads that transport and store well.

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In cases where specific races or strains of resistances are not noted, the variety is resistant or tolerant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen.

We have exercised the utmost care compiling these variety descriptions. For the Nigerian market we made some adjustments in the original descriptions from our suppliers based on results in our trials at Kano. For all details on varieties listed, including latest information on resistances, please refer to the websites of our suppliers Enza Zaden (, Majstro Seeds ( and Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds (

Explanation of disease resistance “HR” and “IR”, used codes and acronyms can be found here.

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