About us

Afri Agri Products Ltd was established in 1998 and from inception engaged in seed and vegetable production.

Unavailability of knowledge, good seeds, fertilizers and other essential inputs made us to focus further on "Supply & Support" horticulture in Nigeria.

Contact us if farming is your passion too.

We import and distribute a range of agri- and horticultural supplies/inputs and provide know–how to the agribusiness sector in Nigeria.

Our range of products include:

  • High quality, Open Pollinated and Hybrid vegetable seeds from Enza Zaden, Majstro and Pop Vriend
  • Drip and spray tube irrigation equipment from SanFu
  • High quality and 100% water soluble Horticulture Grade fertilizers
  • Coco peat
  • Potting Soil in bags
  • Seedling trays
  • Clips for trellising plants
  • Mulch foil
  • Equipment & Machinery

Afri Agri Products Ltd. has its own trial facilities in Kano. Here we test all products to secure the products are suitable for Nigerian conditions. Only products that performed well under Nigerian conditions and that have added value for the farmers will be included in our commercial range.

We invite farmers to visit our trials and we organize workshops and demonstrations.

Afri Agri Products Ltd. has various depots and distributors throughout the country.

We provide technical support; customized fertilizer mixings on your farm,

Our qualified Nigerian personnel is trained and supported by our suppliers in The Netherlands and Taiwan with world-wide teams of experts and State of the Art laboratory facilities.

On request we assist farmers to have soil- and/or irrigation water samples analyzed and procure machinery and equipment that suits Nigerian conditions.

On-site assessment with personal dialogue is essential to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for soil- and irrgation water analysis and farm equipment. We offer fairly used and new machinery, while soil analysis includes a detailed fertilization advice for the crops you intend to grow.